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About InLeague

High on our mind has been to grow

Hands-on managing every aspect of the supply chain and leveraging the extensive network to responsibly meet quality needs, industry standards and local requirements.

Our endeavors are directed towards providing our clients a special product of their own special desires and needs made by the labor and colors of life.

We believe in

Our Core values

Trust and Credibility

Product Innovation

Timely Delivery

Community Service

Respect for each other and environment

Constant and Consistent Learning

Why Us

What differentiates us From our Competitors?

In terms of products, we always work on developing something new which can make the consumer’s lifestyle up.


We are passionate about our products and that is all we need, not to just work on them but to enjoy every bit of time during work with the excitement to create and deliver best.


We live for the product quality ensuring strict process controls through out the manufacturing process.


We reach into the world of our customers and look at things through their lens and try to figure out the solution of the problems of our customers.


Updated Work in Process reports, Impartial self inspections are few things we do to maintain complete transparency!


We continuously strive to incorporate new and innovative raw materials to drive competitive prices while our team of in-house designers work on product design innovations.


Consciously driving Sustainability in production processes, reducing wastage of power and water, using recycled and upcycled raw materials.


Product Categories



Wall Hanging & more

Throws & Blanket

Bath Mats


We are driving


We are sensitized and fully aware of our obligations towards environmental protection. Our facility does not cause water or air pollution. We also take care that noise pollution is kept under control and decibel of sound remains well below the unsafe levels. We are alive to the perils of global warming. With this in mind, we believe that every small step is of significance.

We contribute by minimizing the usage of electricity and by using LED light fixtures to reduce consumption and we have hundred hand weaving looms which does not consume any electricity.

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