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About InLeague

Our people make all the difference

Their capability to supply the right product with commitment to quality, safety and compliance. having a sustainable approach through the entire supply chain. Engagement for the communities we operate in. Hands-on managing every aspect of the supply chain and leveraging the extensive network to responsibly meet quality needs, industry standards and local requirements.

Our endeavors are directed towards providing our clients a special product of their own special desires and needs made by the labor and colors of life.

About InLeague

Our Vision

We believe we should always conduct ourselves and our business openly, honestly and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. providing equal and fair treatment to all employees on basis of merit. Cultivating worker passion as a cornerstone.

We constantly monitor compliance and take the obligation very seriously to promote ethical sourcing. Making sure workers are treated well across all aspects of their work is the foundation of our philosophy.

We endeavour sustainable production processes and creating equal opportunities for all involved. All major industries and governments are investing in sustainability. It is no longer a choice but a necessity.


Social Responsibility

Environment Conscious

We are meticulous in our resource management that ensures minimum wastage and appropriate disposal of production wastes.

Ethical Work Culture and Compliant

Recruits only eligible and age approved labor.

Equal Opportunity Employer

No discrimination on gender or language.

Green & Clean Environment

So the workers can work in a better environment and stay healthy.

Students Factory Visit

We invite schools & college students to visit our factory, so they can get the knowledge of Home Textile industry.

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