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High on our mind has been to grow

Since the inception of InLeague we have constantly strive to surge ahead as a responsible partner to deliver best quality that complies with our customers satisfaction in whichever role we serve be it sourcing, manufacturing or handling inspections.

We believe that in our endeavor to grow, we should always keep out foot firm to the ground and keep learning from our experiences. It has been helping us to provide freshness and improved service potential to our customers!


Product categories we supply

Athleisure wear

Cut & Sew Mens

Denim Products

Cut & Sew Mens


This is how we try to make whole biz environmentally friendly and totally sustainable.

-Using recycled raw material
-Using organic cotton
-Using Green energy resources actively
-Planting more trees in surrounding areas to absorb released carbon

We are also aware of global environmental need along with sustainable fashion in collaboration with our supply chain and Factories.

How are we sustainable ?


By using sustainable materials


By consuming less energy


By consuming less water


By consuming less chemical

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We manage sourcing

Simplifying and responsibly managing development- and supply chain processes. Join us taking the lead within the fast changing landscape of apparel manufacturing. Establishing positive and rewarding steps towards the perseverance of our environment and fair treatment of all involved.
Combining good process, expertise and full-service solutions from all stakeholders. Together managing all aspects of the product creation process. Delivering a choice of options from a vast network of resources or taking full ownership of your placements through our self-owned production facilities.Offering a menu of services to choose from. Leaner, more agile, efficient and professional.
Dedicated to deliver measurable business advantages in every single step of the product processes.

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